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Production of Fresh Frozen Handmade Pasta Made in Italy

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Handmade Pasta Donna Elisa

macaroni pastificio artigianale donna elisa made in italy


Pasta Srl is an artisanal company projected into the future based in EMILIA ROMAGNA, ITALY, produces high quality fresh frozen natural pasta IQF in a newly built laboratory.
Long Egg Pasta, Short Pasta, Stuffed Pasta, all rigorously handcrafted, with the utmost attention to the quality of the raw materials, and to the production process of the product.
The choice of durum wheat semolina, the use of BRONZE FINISH and the respect of the most ancient Italian culinary tradition, allow to obtain taste, perfume and good resistance during cooking.
A company of great production flexibility, it turns to the Italian and foreign market as a producer of frozen fresh pasta and a channel supplier Ho.Re.Ca. producing in its own brand and on behalf of third parties in Private Label.
Its logistics allow shipments to Italy and abroad with punctuality as a priority.

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