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Pasta Factory Donna Elisa Italy

Frequently Asked Questions

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QWhat is the difference between your Cappelletto and your Cappellaccio 
A: The Cappelletto weighs 4 grams, while the Cappellaccio 7.5 / 8 gr.
Q: How much weights one nest of long pasta ?
A: Usually one nest weights approximately 125/130 gr, but on special order we can make it different.
Q: Do you have some coloured types of pasta ?
A: Yes, we have pasta with beetroot , spinach and squid ink.
Q: Your pasta Passatelli can be prepared in a ''Dry'' way with some fish sauce ?
A: Yes, it it perfect prepared in this way, when you take if off of the frying pan it does not crush.
Q: What are your delivery times ?
A: Usually the orders one day are processed and delivered for the more distant parts we arrange with the customers.
Q: Do you make as well fish filled pasta?
A: Yes, we have in our offer Cappellacci filled with differen types of fishes, which have as well one part black due to squid ink. Second one is Ravioli with crustaceans, Ravioli with sea bass and black&white Ravioli.
Q: Which fishes are used for black&white fish filled Ravioli ?
A: Codfish, Redfish, Grouper and Shrimps.
Q: Do you have precooked pasta for "Lasagne" ?
A: Yes, we have it in option: yellow precooked pasta and green one - with spinach. For customer's special order we can make also fresh one.
Q: Produce of whole wheat pasta formats and also with spelled flour ?
A: Yes, we have in our offer "Ravioli", "Strozzapreti" e "Maccheroncini".
Q: Do you have in your offer fresh egg pasta "Gluten Free" ?
A: We, we have it although it is not of our production.
Q: What is the difference between Cappelletto and Tortellino ?
A: Cappelletto is tipical format of Romagna part of the Emilia Romagna region (ITALY). It is stapled and usually with filling based on cheese. Tortellino instead is tipical for Emilian part of the region. It is filled with meat and in the shape of belly button.
Q: Do you also produce on behalf of third parties in Private Label ?
A: Yes, we do produce on account of third parties.


About us

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About us

The pasta factory "La Pasta S.r.l." is a dynamic company, preserving traditional recipes of handmade pasta and projecting into future of changing and always more demanding market. Based in ITALY Cervia Milano Marittima, in the province of Ravenna, right in the heart of the Romagna Coast, produces frozen fresh pasta of the highest quality in the newly constructed workshop. Our wide offer consists of many types of pasta, all of them prepared carefully and exclusively from natural Italian products. You can find the below ones and many many others: long pasta, e.g. spaghetti, tagliolini, tagliatelle, pappardelle short pasta, e.g. trofie, strozzapreti, paccheri, orecchiette stuffed pasta, e.g. ravioli, cappelletti, cappellacci, mezzelune, triangoli We pay a lot of attention choosing the materials and products – in our work we try to select only local suppliers, who can guaranty 100% natural, fresh and truly italian product. In the production process to ensure safety and hygiene on the highest level, meeting all the standards of the most challenging controls, we apply the most innovative technologies. Choice of the best Italian durum wheat flour and semolina, as well as careful selection of raw materials of Italian origin (parmiggiano reggiano dop, ricotta, fine sweet salt of Cervia, 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, meats of Italian origin) is the first and fundamental moment of preparation. Use of 8 eggs for each kg of flour, use of BRONZE DRAWINGS and respect for the most ancient culinary tradition of Emilia Romagna, allow us to obtain the best possible combination of flavor, taste, aroma and good hold of pasta during cooking.

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As the way of conserving our product we have chosen the most innovative one – to freeze it once produced, since it is the best method of preservation and maintaining all the best characteristics of it. The freezing method allows us to reach the temperature of -18° at the heart of the product in only few minutes, as well as guarantees its storage till 18 months. At the moment of consumption, pasta remains perfectly intact regarding flavor and in its nutritional properties. Our main brand, "Donna Elisa" is a guarantee of the highest quality products, completely natural and constantly and meticulously checked, to ensure a healthy and genuine product. Our organization allows us a great production flexibility and the possibility of producing Private Label Brands. Our logistics allow us to manage orders punctually with shipments in Italy and abroad, punctuality is our priority.

Production of Fresh Frozen Handmade Pasta Made in Italy

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Handmade Pasta Donna Elisa

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Pasta Srl is an artisanal company projected into the future based in EMILIA ROMAGNA, ITALY, produces high quality fresh frozen natural pasta IQF in a newly built laboratory.
Long Egg Pasta, Short Pasta, Stuffed Pasta, all rigorously handcrafted, with the utmost attention to the quality of the raw materials, and to the production process of the product.
The choice of durum wheat semolina, the use of BRONZE FINISH and the respect of the most ancient Italian culinary tradition, allow to obtain taste, perfume and good resistance during cooking.
A company of great production flexibility, it turns to the Italian and foreign market as a producer of frozen fresh pasta and a channel supplier Ho.Re.Ca. producing in its own brand and on behalf of third parties in Private Label.
Its logistics allow shipments to Italy and abroad with punctuality as a priority.

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